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Hard Drive Data Recovery

HDD Data Recovery provides specialized data recovery services from distinct hard disk media of all major manufacturers. We have long track record of recovering data from every kind of hard drive whether it is encountered hardware, software, accidental or natural. With the 97% success rate of recovering data from hard disk drives we are still untouched by our competitors.

No matter for the reason of hard disk problem but we provide hard drive recovery from operating system failure, software damaged media, data corruption, file system corruption, formatted media, deleted data, overwritten data or some more like disk motor failure, disk controller failure, disk platter failure, read-write head failure, disk firmware damage or even more.

Hard drive data recovery is widely accepted process which salvages data from inaccessible hard disk media due to complex software failure or untimely hardware failure. No matter for the reason of data loss but our expert data recovery process undertakes maximum recovery from all recoverable data.

Data recovery is least sensible hence it requires secure laboratory conditions along with strict access control. All these processes of data recovery undergoes by senior data recovery specialists which have vast experience in hard drive data recovery techniques for both software and hardware.

Spending a long while into the same industry, we understand that sometimes achieving successful data from hard drives contains minor chances and it happens due to serious hardware failure that require hardware data recovery or the disk drive has suffered internal software corruption which requires specialized software data recovery solutions.

Due to risks involved in data recovery process and in order to maintain data integrity, we perform entire process over duplicate copy of the original one. Duplicate copy is created by using specialized equipment and proprietary imaging software onto one of our dedicated 12TB RAID servers and we don’t rely on original one. We now create a virtual file system to duplicate disk drive to recover your critical data files.
At HDD Data Recovery London, we also provide a range of data recovery services covering laptop recovery service, RAID recovery and windows password recovery. You will get all of our services under one roof.